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Andy Crouch — LiveJournal
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My girlfriend is awesome. I don't get much of a Valentine's Day today, but I get to see her at the end of it.
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nary a pear pie
in sight because pears don't taste
like a pie should taste
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I'm chillin' in Houston listening to Nadine play a tiny guitar in my parents living room because my sister is leaving the country on Tuesday for Australia and we couldn't let her go without an early Thanksgiving dinner. I dragged Nadine along and subjected her to my family because she made me dress up in a tunic and tights last weekend at an SCA event; we're even now. My parents living room is in their ridiculous suburban house in the ridiculous suburbs that feel like the disproportionately large level in Super Mario brothers with gigantic pipes and mushrooms and lawns and SUVs. My sister is flying to Perth to play in the Ultimate Frisbee world tournament with a team from Atlanta that is ranked number one in the world, which means she's going to be disappointed if they don't win. Thanksgiving is an American holiday where the Indians brought white settlers free food. The tiny guitar is my dad's.
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So this is my second attempt to start a live journal. I promise nothing.
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